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Kriol-Inglish DIKSHINERI – English-Kriol Dictionary

Kriol Dikshineri This is a bilingual dictionary. The main part, Kriol to English, is arranged alphabetically according to Kriol key words, with an English definition and other entry items, such as part of speech, sample sentences, etymology, and cross-references. The second part of the dictionary, English to Kriol, is arranged alphabetically according to the English key words, with the correlating Kriol word(s). It serves to direct the reader to the correct spot in the Kriol section for more complete information. The front of the book features a Foreword by Sir Colville Young, a Guide to Using the Dictionary, a guide to the Kriol Writing System and Grammar Notes.

Compiled and edited by Yvette Herrera, Myrna Manzanares, Silvaana Udz, Cynthia Crosbie, and Ken Decker; with Paul Crosbie as editor-in-chief.

Published by the Belize Kriol Project 2007, with the help of The National Kriol Council, The Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Culture and History, and SIL Iinternational. Printed at Print Belize; now in the 3rd printing.

Book: 465 pages; 9x6 in., bound.
Local retail price: approx. $30.00
Available from Bible Society Bookstore, Angelus Press, Brodies North, and the National Kriol Council Office.

For further information, you can correspond via e-mail with one of the following persons:
Yvette Herrera, e-mail: yvettept@hotmail.com;
Silvaana Udz, e-mail: sudz@ub.edu.bz